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Zundel of Chelm



  • The doctor ordered me to stay far away from wine… so I only drink it with a super-long straw….
  • I’m worried about thieves breaking down my door while I’m away from home… so I take the front door with me…
  • My dear son couldn’t have gotten his talents from me… because I still have mine….

Learn by example not to be like Zundel!

Sometimes a mother wants to feed her baby, but the baby refuses to open its mouth. The mother will make the baby laugh so it will open its mouth. Then, once its mouth is open, she is able to feed it. Similarly, when you hear a joke you laugh and enjoy it. At the same time, this opens your mind to the lesson behind it. That is the purpose of this book. We are here to make you laugh, but also to teach you a lesson.

You will read about Zundel and how foolish he is. No one wants to be like Zundel. But stop for a moment and think: How often is our behavior just like Zundel’s? If this book brings you to deeper thinking and better behavior, it will have fulfilled its purpose.

Read, laugh and think!


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