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A Yiddish Kop: Visual Brainteasers for the Keen Eye and Sharp Mind

What do you say about boosting your child’s cognitive abilities (AKA his Yiddishe Kop…)?
Great idea! We knew you’d agree.
You can to do it right now!

Gadi Pollack’s newest book of illustrations, A Yiddishe Kop, is nothing less than a thinking revolution. Your child will discover hours of enjoyment – thinking, discovering details, analyzing information, and drawing conclusions. It’s intellectual development at its best!


A Yiddish Kop - by Gadi PollackA Yiddishe Kop features fifteen full-spread illustrations of real-life scenarios common to Torah-observant communities, each accompanied by ten brainteasing questions. Finding the clues and answering these questions requires a keen eye, logical reasoning, and broad thinking. Your child will need to develop creative thinking, learn how to think “out of the box,” and to see the world from entirely new points of view.


The benefits of this intellectual challenge come hand-in-hand with the inimitable artistic beauty of the Torah world’s most sought-after artist – Gadi Pollack.

A Yiddishe Kop by Gadi Pollack, Visual Brainteasers for the Keen Eye and Sharp Mind
A Yiddishe Kop by Gadi Pollack, Visual Brainteasers for the Keen Eye and Sharp Mind

“An exquisite work of art that develops attentive thinking in students, sharpens their educational awareness, and builds deep study skills through the obvious and less obvious aspects of the illustration.”

– Rabbi Yaakov Batelman
Machon Machashevet B’Chinuch

“This book promotes and stimulates children’s thought processes, teaching them to draw conclusions. It promotes curiosity and attention to detail, as well as deductive reasoning. All of these intellectual skills are needed, of course, for understanding the Gemara and learning.”

– Rabbi Avrohom Yisroel Gombo
Principal, Talmud Torah Karlin-Stolin Bnei Brak

“This new book offers parents a polished tool for in-home recreation as well as enjoyment of the playful creativity of A Yiddishe Kop.”

– Rabbi Aharon Margalit
Director, World Chafetz Chaim Foundation

“I am grateful to the author for this important contribution to children’s literature, which has not existed until now. Parents who are interested in developing their children’s intellectual talents should buy this book.”

– Rabbi Eliyahu Friedlander
Principal, Talmud Torah Toras Emes, Bnei Brak

“I couldn’t put the book down for nearly an hour. I found it to be challenging and engrossing – even to the child in me.”

– Rabbi Aharon Friedman
Author of Gam Ata Yachol, Kabdeihu V’Chashdehu, and Haderech Le’Haaracha Atzmit

“The first peek is enough to give the impression that this is no ordinary book. It is of an altogether dierent breed, both in quality and in the many benefits it will bring, b’ezras Hashem .”

– Rabbi Moshe Klezkin
Founder and Supervisor, Zichru Toras Moshe Talmud Torah

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